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✔Must Be Your Own Work

Based on your standard, do you believe you did a good job editing your GMV? Using clips from other GMV sources are not allowed, you have to edit the video clips yourself.

✔Must Use Video Game Footage

Jacker's GMV Promotions are for gaming and music enthusiasts. "Vidders" and "AMVs" aren't my target audience. I will allow GMVs with small portions of non-gaming footage, e.g 90% video games, 10% live action.

✔Must Have 10 GMVs In 12 Months

If you have at least ten GMVs over the last twelve months on your channel, then I will promote your work. Me and my audience look for legitimate editors who wants to grow their channels.

Results Speak For Themselves

Here are some example GMVs that I promoted of editors in the past.
Each pictures have been taken 24 hours apart from each other.

The Regret

"I hate it when I put all this energy and time into one video, only for it to receive little to no attention on YouTube!"
Those are the exact words you'll be saying to yourself when you're not in Jacker's GMV Promotions.
When I started out in 2012, there wasn't any opportunities like this where a bigger GMV channel would present a smaller GMV channel in the big screen, to get known to the world.
It's so difficult and heart-breaking to see a creator making a high-quality edited video, only for it to receive no views, no likes and no subscribers.
So I've taken it upon my hand to give these creators the chance for them to get recognized for their hard work!

Choose The Plan To Suit Your Goals

Our pricing plans are designed to help you choose the best strategy to boost your YouTube channel

Perfect for a special video

I will promote 1 GMV within a week of your purchase.

Perfect for startup boosts

I will promote 2 GMVs within a two weeks span.

$8 per GMV.

Perfect for multiple GMVs

I will promote 1 GMV a week within a four weeks span.

That's 4 GMV promotions in total.

$7 per GMV.

Perfect for growing YouTube channels


I will promote 2 GMVs a week within a four weeks span.

That's 8 GMV promotions in total.

Plus you choose time of promotions!

$6.25 per GMV.

Added Benefits

✔You will get 600-1000 views on average per video

✔You will receive audience mostly from the United States, Brazil & Russia

✔You will earn engagements through comments, likes & subscribers

✔Your GMVs will appear more on suggested videos

✔Your watch-time hours will increase by 20hrs per video on average

What's so special about this promotion service?

Quality audience is gold when you're growing a channel. When a friend working at a job recommends you to their boss, the boss will more likely take you onboard than with unknown individuals trying to take the same job.

I will promote your video in front of my own audience to make sure your GMV is seen! Me promoting your work is like a friend recommending you. You will get the biggest results at a low-price.
My audience will engage in your contents through likes, comments, subscriptions and are willing to watch other videos of yours, they will support your channel all in one package plan!
It may take some time to grow, but growth happens slowly, it's never rushed.

Nature can't rush a flower in growing, you're not gonna rush your flower in growing.


What are the payment methods?


If you don't have a PayPal account, please make one as it is the easiest and safest way to send and receive payments. If your country doesn't allow usage of PayPal, then you can always pay through debit/credit card. If you're having troubles with payments, contact me through email or Discord.


Can't I just use other websites offering cheaper prices?


There are many dodgy websites out there that promise you "real views from real people" at a cheap/high price. The truth is, the way these websites do it isn't legit. They have a room lined up with multiple phones, which all have been wired with VPN, so that the locations of those devices are bounced to other countries, then in return uses all those devices to visit the video you linked them to, making it appear like your video is being watched by multiple devices worldwide. This goes the same with a software that was programmed to watch YouTube videos, they will promote your video through their "partnered social platforms" and force people to watch 30 seconds of your video before skipping. Just like free mobile games, you have to watch a 30 seconds ad to get that extra credit points. This is evident when you inspect the video's traffic source through your Creator Studio Analytics, the traffic will come from an unreachable external website. This explains why you don't get anything more, such as extra likes, comments and subscribers, than with what you've paid for, which are just views. As for paying for subscribers, those subscribers were never real. They have thousands of already-made YouTube accounts ready to hit that subscribe button on your channel, and guess what? They will never engage in your videos, you have 1k subscribers, but get 0 views on your new uploads. This is how YouTube detects fake views and fake subscribers, and when they do, they will remove the view count, subscriber count and possibly suspend your channel. You don't want to be the channel with lots of subscribers but with no viewer engagements now, right? That doesn't make your channel look credible.


Does this break YouTube's policy on paying for views?


YouTube doesn't like creators to pay for views from non-Google websites because often these external websites are fake, plus Google doesn't profit from it. It's a scare tactic used by many businesses to encourage potential customers to buy from Google's own services. As for you the creator, if you reached the 1k subscribers and 4k watch-time hours mark, YouTube will review your channel and see if you got those subscribers and views legitimately. This is why paying for views from external websites doesn't work, because they use fake views and fake subscribers to get you that temporary boost. Jacker's GMV Promotions uses a marketing formula that doesn't break YouTube's policy. I'm simply re-targeting my own audience and sharing your GMVs on YouTube's own platform, there are no violations in doing that. The evidence can be found through JackersEdit's community posts and the traffic source you're getting through your Creator Studio Analytics.


This is a scam! You're just doing this for the money!


Unlike micro-transactions in video games where you pay to get that new weapon skin or character emote, Jacker's GMV Promotions is a tool for you to grow your personal YouTube brand. You are not obligated to support this service, if anything, you can choose to resent it. However, I've been adding a significant amount of value to GMV editors by promoting their work since August 2018 through my YouTube channel free-of-charge. You may not unlock a new weapon skin, or a character emote, but you certainly will unlock a worldwide audience who will love and support your YouTube channel. If this form of attention is not what you're looking for, then alright, this is a scam, go unlock that weapon skin instead. I'd hate to see you working so hard on growing your channel and getting frustrated that you're not getting the results that you truly want. With the right information and the right people, you can get to where ever you want a lot sooner because it's only when you're getting the wrong information from the wrong people, will you end up hurt and feeling betrayed like it's no one's business, and you know what betrayal feels like, it feels like shit.

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