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© Art Copyright Harok-Lee

"Let the fire in your eyes burn your enemies, but let it light the path for your companions. So together we shall walk on flaming grounds, just like kings and queens."

[GMV] Myself

GMV myself is all about you! No matter how many times haters try to stop you from setting yourself free from conformity, you will continue to find your true self in this dark repetitive world.

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[GMV] Fake Love

GMV Fake Love is all about the power to inspire and become greater, from being a "me" into becoming a "we". We are always stronger than a me, so stay focused, keep fighting, and unite together with your people!

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A Letter From Sapphira

I am a daughter of the earth, sown and rooted in the soil of the land of the dead. I am an under-born, a slave girl, a bond-servant to a dark mistress of evil.

For centuries I have toiled, flinching at the sound of whips, grimacing at their string on my back, and the mourning for my fellow slaves as they expired at the hands of our tormentors.

This is my story, and a story of sorrow often begins in darkness. I must lead you through the valley of the shadow of death, for only a journey through shadows will allow us to fully comprehend the beauty of heavenly light.

Though the story begins in a flood of darkness, the light of the world will guide you towards the morning star, and I will see you on the other side of dawn.

  • Vol.1 Nightmare

    Escape the horrors of your darkest dream!

  • Vol.2 Eye Of The Oracle

    Awakening the dragons in our mist. (Coming Soon)

  • Vol.3 Honor In Her Efforts

    An epic tale to taking earth back! (Coming soon)

  • "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

    Attract Tifa

    By revealing the natural animal behaviors, Clyde explores the science of attracting women using the peacocking theory.

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    © Art Copyright Blair Armitage

    Building Trust

    Inspired by the Mystery Method and Arash Dibazar, Clyde delivers a secret formula that would annihilate forms of lies, dishonesty and setbacks, and replaces them with truthfulness, honesty and reliability. This is how to build trust!

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    Did You Know I Made An RPG Maker Game?

    Delivering non-stop action and pulse-pounding excitement at every turn! This is your chance to experience a stunning adventure which will take you into another world!

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